Titan Carpentry Announces Partnership with TJ Wies Contracting

August 26, 2020

Matt Miller, Steve Dittrich, and Adam Stevener are proud to announce the formation of Titan Carpentry, LLC in partnership with TJ Wies Contracting, Inc. “Steve and I have talked about starting our own carpentry company for a while. It was a recent conversation with Adam Stevener of TJ Wies Contracting, who was also looking for the opportunity to have an equity stake in a new business entity, that got the ball rolling,” said Miller.  

Stevener stated, “In our annual TJ Wies Strategic Planning meetings, team members have come up with ideas for new business ventures, to which Tim Wies has always said, 'Do your homework, come to me with a well-thought-out business plan, and I will evaluate it.' When Matt and Steve told me about their decision to start a business, I felt this would be a good opportunity for me as well as TJ Wies Contracting. We quickly put together a solid business plan and presented it to Tim. We feel that Matt and Steve’s experience and skills in the carpentry field, my experience in estimating and customer relations, and TJ Wies’ strength and reputation for producing high quality work and providing exceptional customer service create a great partnership for launching Titan Carpentry.”  

Wies expressed, “As I am at the twilight of my career, I think it is pretty cool to be able to cultivate, develop, and mentor the next generation of industry leaders such as Adam, Matt, and Steve. I am already working with my son Cameron as my successor at TJ Wies Contracting, so now I just enlarged the class. Being involved with young professionals who have the desire and drive to put their own resources at risk to better their lives as well as providing opportunities to others to do the same is extremely rewarding.”

Titan Carpentry, LLC will be providing commercial and multi-family rough and finish carpentry services in the Greater Metropolitan St. Louis area. Welcome to the TJ Wies Family Titan!

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