PDF Finishing Touch Awards

TJ Wies
November 8, 2022

The Painting and Decorating Foundation (PDF) and Wall and Ceiling Industry Advancement Fund (WCIAF) recognized Finishing Touch Award winners and Apprentices of the Year at their annual awards dinner, held early November. TJ Wies Contracting received First Place Finishing Touch Awards for Drywall Framing and Installation – Commercial and Drywall Taping – Commercial for the new Sarah Bush Lincoln Bonutti Clinic in Effingham, IL with McCarthy Building Cos. Second place in both categories also went to TJ Wies for Keeley Companies’ Marlowe, a high-end boutique apartment residence in the Central West End in St. Louis, MO. The Finishing Touch Awards were established to recognize high standards of job performance and organization, technical excellence, and craftsmanship in painting, framing, and drywall taping.

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