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Atta Boys to Our Crew on Pulaski County Jail Project!

December 21, 2020

Atta Boys to the TJ Wies crew working at the Pulaski County Jail Project for displaying TJ Wies Core Values of Partnerships, Integrity, and Safety. The onsite team included Vern Ascher, Mark Weeks, Matt Buechter, Adam Duncan, Bert Dunham, Ben Schaben, Ethan Weeks, and Clint Wilson.

Gary Pendleton with Reese Equipment stated, “Want to let you know how much I appreciate the work ethic of your personnel on the Pulaski County Jail Project. Mark, Vern, and their crew were productive each day onsite, setting the pace for the other trades. When there was an issue with installation, they were quick to suggest a resolution to keep moving forward. They helped make my job easier by coordinating directly with other trades to get their work done so that TJ Wies could keep moving forward. Thank you TJ Wies personnel for helping Reese Equipment in completing this project and look forward to working together on other projects.”

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