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Atta Boy Matthew!

October 9, 2020

Matthew Curtis, working on the UPF-MPBE project in Tennessee, is being recognized by Rob Posey for displaying TJ Wies Core Values of Safety and Integrity. Rob stated, “Matthew was filling out an aerial/scissor lift daily checklist form. One of the items on the list is Ground Strap (attached and in good order). Matthew observed that the ground straps were approximately 1” off the ground. It’s worth noting the only way to properly inspect the GR-20 scissor lift grounding straps is by lying flat on the ground and using a flashlight. Matthew contacted me, and after verifying, I called the equipment rental company to send a mechanic. After validating the grounding straps were not working as intended, the mechanic replaced them. This is not the first time that Matthew has had the courage to stop and seek advice/assistance when he feels that there may be a potential hazard to himself or a fellow coworker. Matthew’s great attitude and willingness to always WORK SAFE, WORK HARD, AND HAVE FUN does not go unnoticed by me or anyone else working around him!”

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