Cameron Wies Named Chief Operating Officer

TJ Wies
July 20, 2021

The Leadership Team at TJ Wies Contracting is proud to announce the appointment of Cameron Wies as Chief Operating Officer (COO). As COO, Wies’s responsibilities will consist of day-to-day oversight of TJ Wies Contracting operations and implementation of the Leadership Team’s Strategic Plan.

After graduating from the University of Missouri, Wies worked as a site manager for Baierl + Demmelhuber Construction in Germany. Upon his return to the United States and TJ Wies Contracting, Wies began as an Apprentice Carpenter in the field and then transitioned to Estimator, followed by Project Manager/Project Executive. Wies was instrumental in the design, development, and process development of the new TJ Wies Prefab Innovation Center in St. Peters, MO. He has also served as the TJ Wies Process Champion for the implementation and utilization of Total Station layout tools, as well as the Plexxis accounting and project management software. Notable projects that Wies has been involved in include BJC Hospital Phase 2 North and South Towers and the Y-12 Uranium Processing Facility in Oak Ridge, TN. 

Wies’s promotion is the next step in the TJ Wies Contracting Leadership Team’s long-range Strategic Plan for transition from Tim Wies to Cameron Wies.

Cameron and his wife Laura have a son, Carter, and a daughter, Kiley, and are expecting their third child in October. In his little available free time, Cameron enjoys spending time with his family and chasing after his children.

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